About Me

My name is Noah I am 14 at the time of making this website. I'm from New Zealand and I was born in wellington hospital . I am dominantly European, Maori and Dutch. Im also very weird but in a good way. My non-extended family contists of 5 people my two parents, and two sisters, one of them is my half sister and of course me One Weird Noah.


My Coding Skills

I have done coding on four different software platforms Python, Neocities, Scratch and Notepad++. I have learnt the basics of theses software platforms. These are the projects ive done:

  • This Website On Neocities
  • A non css website on Notepad++
  • Things like number genarators

My Designer Skills

I have designed things like posters and changed images on three platforms Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. I have learned how to use most of the tools on photoshop as well as indesign but we didnt do much on illustrator